About US

The School of Research Science was founded in 1998 to provide a high quality education to the children of local Emirati families. Since that time, the school has seen a dramatic expansion linked directly to its growth in popularity, also amongst non-Emirati families whose children now comprise approximately one-third of the school’s intake. A powerful vision coupled with strong ambition and clear sense of direction has enabled the school to grow and become a very successful all-through, 3 to 18 school with a student roll of approximately 3,250. Building on this success, the Founder of the school has invested in a new purpose built school in Al-Warqa with state-of-the-art specialist facilities and a twenty-first century learning environment. By employing high quality teachers and school leaders and giving them the tools and opportunities they need to grow professionally, we aspire to provide a World Class standard of education for all our students.

The school devotes considerable resources to ensuring a breadth of curriculum experience which is not commonly found in schools offering a non-residential provision. In delivering 30 guided learning hours each week for all students beyond the Foundation Stage the school is able to blend learning in both the Arabic and British traditions in a manner that is purposeful and continuously developing.The curriculum offer is balanced in such a way as to offer exceptional social, moral, spiritual and cultural development to children and young people aged 3 to 18. Additionally, the bilingual character of the school is exploited so as to allow curriculum access to students of varying ethnic origins; reinforcing and deepening learning through an emerging collaboration between teachers drawn from quite diverse backgrounds.

At SRS, we believe in the holistic growth of all our students, with each phase of school life organically connected to the next. In practice this means our students develop and grow with us academically, socially, emotionally and morally. Moreover, we believe we have a clear moral obligation to administer a learning environment that encourages such growth and development where the school culture is built upon care, respect, responsibility and honesty.

Our Vision

SRS vision is to establish leading nation wide centres of educational excellence that are founded upon the highest international standards.We believe that constructive partnerships based on trust between school board, management, staff, students and parents are essential to the success of all the work we do.

Our Mission

Placing first-rate personal development on par with academic excellence.Creating an environment, which enables students to be confident in learning without boundaries.Promoting our pride in Islamic culture, including its respect for other faiths and backgrounds.Competing with the best by aspiring to prestigious universities.

Core Beliefs

Every child learns best in a safe and caring environment where high academic expectations, self-esteem, good character, healthy lifestyles and an appreciation for religion and the arts are promoted.A variety of teaching strategies, meaningful materials and emerging technology should be used to maximize student potential and individual learning styles.


The designation of the school as “Research Science” is to emphasize knowledge through self-learning, exploration, critical thinking and inquiry, in the context of a thorough appreciation of the theory of multiple intelligences.The School is committed to building self-esteem, enhancing creativity, individuality and spirituality, and developing healthy lifestyles