Why SRS is the best choice for your child?

The philosophy of the school is that the education and development of our students is not to be confined to a narrow or limiting interpretation, but is to be holistic. Thus, the ethos and strategy of the school aims to facilitate development of the intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and creative needs of all our students.


The unequivocal and central aim of the school is to provide a quality education for all our students, based on their individual needs, their age, aptitude and ability.


As an Arabic/Islamic school, it is implicit that our curriculum is concerned with preserving the heritage of our culture, its language, its literature, history and especially its Islamic tradition. At the school, we are committed to moulding a future Islamic generation who will be creative, independent thinkers, able to adapt their knowledge and skills to the changing needs of this technological age.

The SRS Student – Teacher – Parent Triangle

We believe that the education of children, in the widest sense, takes place in and out of school, and therefore, the best results can only be obtained by forming a partnership with parents, children and teachers. In The School of Research Science, we make this home/school partnership a vital force in the development of our children. We look forward to developing this close partnership with you. Should you have any further queries or concerns, please visit us and do not hesitate to make them known.


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