Throughout the year activities will be held both in Secondary and Primary. These activities will include academic, sporting, creative and life skills based activities to allow your child to face new exciting challenges whilst supporting their personal and social development. Extracurricular activities operate: 15:00 – 16:00 & 15:00 – 15:45 .


Each term different activities are offered to pupils in 14 week blocks, start dates for activity blocks for 2017-18 are:

  • Term 1: w/c September 10th 2017 – w/c December 13th 2017
  • Term 2: w/c January 21st 2018 – w/c March 21st 2018
  • Term 3: w/c April 15th 2018 – w/c May 9th 2018

Parents should support their children in choosing the right activities for themselves.



School Trips-these are educational and help support subject the aims and vision of LWB. Other trips occur outside of the LWB programme which support specific subjects and rewards for outstanding attendance and achievement.


The LWB trips/activity plans for primary are:
– Three LWB camps per term for each group.


The LWB activity days plans for secondary are:
– One LWB activity day per academic year.



These support building students’ independence, build confidence and support raising awareness of other cultures, communities and physical landscapes.
Students visited countries like Spain, Japan, Korea etc. Every year we plan a trip to Mecca for Omra.



Camping is a major part of life at SRS for our students and staff. In 2016/17 there are over 58 camping opportunities planned for students from Yr 4 to Yr 12. Camps take part in school, the desert and at a specialised adventure camping venue in Dibba.


  • Indoor school camping: Developing leaderships, team building, communication, cooperation, sporting and creative opportunities.
  • Outdoor desert camping: Opportunity for students to experience a range of ‘real life’ activities in an outdoor desert environment.
  • Adventure camping: Opportunities for new challenges, leadership opportunities, team building and ‘ Extreme’ sports pursuits.


Throughout the year students will choose a number of local and national or international charities to support. They will be involved in planning and organising the support for the charities of their choice. The focus will not be just on donations but on understanding the needs and workings of these charities so students can decide how best they can have a positive impact on helping others less fortunate than themselves.



A key objective of the SRS Environment committee is to promote eco-awareness around our school.  This year for example, we have completed a variety of successful projects which have resulted in a better understanding of the impact of our actions on our environment. We will continue with these developments throughout the year.


The Environment committee have set up an ‘Eco-Garden’ in our primary school; this includes a special library focusing on the Environment, in particular the delicate balance of our relationship with nature. Throughout the day many children come to relax here and learn different things from planting seeds to recycling our waste.  It also contains a variety of indoor plants which the children take turns to keep hydrated and well fed.


The committee has also got pupils to put their learning into practice and to demonstrate impact of enhanced environmental self-awareness..  Together we decided to set up a planting demonstration; here we showed children how to sow seeds and informed them about the life cycle of a plant.


The Eco committee were very lucky as we got to attend an environmental conference and plant some trees in our school garden.  They have worked alongside professionals and asked many questions to further enhance understanding and awareness.



There will be regular workshops for all secondary students on leadership and motivation throughout the year. In addition, there will be specific training for prefects, student council and sports leaders and other various activities in school. These opportunities will focus on ensuring our students understand their rights and responsibilities and how to use them correctly. Throughout the year we will provide students with many opportunities to put these skills into practice. Camping will also focus on developing further leadership and team building skills.


  • Extracurricular activities
  • Trips/activity days and camps
  • Charity
  • Environment

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