At SRS, we believe that assessment is at the heart of high quality learning as it allows our teachers to identify with precision the stage of development that a child is at and carefully plan their next steps. Coupled with a ‘growth mindset’, this enables our pupils to make outstanding progress.


EYFS- Foundation Stage 1 and 2
In Foundation Stage, all assessment is captured using observations, photographs, videos, voice recordings and work in books (FS2). The role of observation is essential to understanding what children are able to do independently and what their next steps are. In FS1, where necessary, all assessments are carried out in both Arabic and English to ensure that we gain a fully rounded picture of each child. This information is used to ensure that future planning meets the needs of our pupils. This evidence is collated in a child’s individual ‘Learning Journey’ as well as their Literacy and Maths books in FS2 and then used to track their progress at various points during the academic year. Each child’s level of development in the seven areas of learning, outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage policy document, is recorded and reported on at the end of Foundation Stage 2. Throughout the year there are planned opportunities for children, teachers and parents to come together to celebrate every child’s achievements.


Key Stage One- Years 1 and 2
In Year 1 and 2, pupils’ learning in all subjects is captured in a variety of ways enabling all children to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding through written work, oral discussions and practical activities.
On-going assessments against the key age related expectations allow our teachers to make judgments about a pupils’ current level of attainment throughout the year as well as identifying strengths and key areas for development. At regular intervals throughout the year, we carry out more formal assessments to show the teachers what pupils have retained and can apply independently. The information taken from both the formative and more formal assessments is then used to plan next steps for the children and forms an integral part of the planning, teaching and learning process. At the end of Year 2, pupils take the SATs which allows the school to benchmark its performance against other UK curriculum schools.


Key Stage Two- Years 3 to 6
As in Key Stage 1, assessment at Key Stage 2 is mostly formative, which means that it is on-going and informs the teachers’ planning for pupils’ learning. We assess our pupils against the key objectives in English, Maths and Science. Every day, in every lesson, our pupils demonstrate their learning through answering questions, written work and focused discussion. As a school we believe that on-going teacher assessment is the most accurate way of making secure judgements about our children’s learning. More formal assessments take place at various points throughout the year which are used to validate teacher assessment and allow us to benchmark ourselves against other schools which follow the English National Curriculum. At the end of Key Stage 2, our Year 6 pupils take SATs, which are the standardised national tests from the UK. Our results are moderated externally to ensure the validity and accuracy of our data.


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