Our Key Stage 3 students will be moving to a system of assessing without levels, in line with what is happening in England since the phased implementation of the new national curriculum in 2014. This will be an assessment system that is based on developing key knowledge and skills required for success at KS4. It provides consistency and progression from the Primary School who moved to assessing without levels during 2015-2016. The new system is based on developing and consolidating students’ knowledge, understanding and skills; it allows teachers to monitor the learning pathway for each individual student on their journey to their GCSE examinations.


The system is based on the rationale of high expected outcomes for students. All students have the opportunity to ‘Master’ all of the lesson outcomes and be guided to a high level of attainment through structured success criteria. Assessment without levels is based heavily on formative feedback to allow all students to succeed, and progress seen in books is heavily featured within subject areas.


Periodic summative assessment is incorporated to support ongoing formative feedback. Communication is a priority and so the system is simple and easy to understand for students, parents and teachers as long as the rationale for showing progression in subject-specific skills and knowledge is clear. The system has consistent principles to be used across the school but the flexibility to suit all subjects.


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