Use of technology forms an integral part of teaching and learning at The School of Research Science. This is reflective of the 21st century where we interact with technology on a daily basis. Within a typical classroom at SRS, student learning is supported using interactive Smart boards.  Some are multi-screen. Many subjects have specialist equipment like CADCAM in Design and Technology.


Students are encouraged to use tablets and they can log on with their individual logins to complete a set task or to research further an interesting question that has been raised within the lesson or complete a presentation. From April 2016 all of the following will have to be accessed via the VLE; Homework, Planners, Lesson Plans, Newsletters and Reports. The VLE will be the main communication method for parents. Parents Evening appointments will be made online. In addition, we have 6 IT rooms and tablet trolleys – all allow easy and timely access to technology when it is needed to further learning.


Each teacher in school is provided with a tablet in order to exploit the benefits offered by educational apps.  Student use of tablets will add an extra dimension to learning, both through use of educational apps and through productivity tools to support in areas such as mind mapping, annotation and presentation in a safe and varied platform on which to learn about online collaboration and effective use of technology.


It is important that students bring their tablet to school every day so that they can use them in class.  Failure to do so will result in them missing important information about their studies, homework and reports. From September we will not be issuing planners and reports can only be accessed via the VLE.


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