The SRS vision is to establish leading nationwide centres of educational excellence that are founded upon the highest international standards.



We will achieve our vision by:

  • Placing first-rate personal development on par with academic excellence
  • Creating a caring environment which enables students to be confident in learning without boundaries
  • Holding in balance our pride in Islamic culture and its respect for other faiths and backgrounds.
  • Empowering students with knowledge, skills and attitudes, enabling them to become national and global citizens and leaders of the future.




The information contained in this handbook is intended to answer the questions which may be uppermost in your mind as new teachers at The School of Research Science.


Please do not hesitate to call the following staff at The School of Research Science on 00971 4 6011011 any time if there is anything you wish to know.


We are more than happy to be of assistance.



What time do I start and finish work?

The primary school day starts at 7.30 am and finishes at 2.45 pm on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. KG classes start at 7.40 am and finish at 12.30 pm Sunday to Thursday. However, many primary and KG teachers stay after that time to attend meetings, carry on working or use the School’s sports facilities.


What time does the School close?

The school closes at 4.00 pm each evening. On Saturdays and during school holiday (not religious holiday), the School is open from 8.00 am until 1.00 pm by prior arrangement with the Bursar and security staff. The school is closed on Friday and public holidays.


Primary Timetable

Foundation Stage Timetable


KG1 and KG2 timings are from 7:30am to 12:30pm Sunday to Thursday with two breaks during the school days (flexible timing).


Key Stage 1 Timetable

Sunday – Thursday
Registration 07:30-07:40
Lesson 1 07:40-08:25
Lesson 2 08:25-09:10
Break 9:10-9:30
Lesson 3 9:30-10:15
Lesson 4 10:15-11:00
Lesson 5 11:00-11:45
Lunch 11:45-12:20
Lesson 6 12:20-1:15
Break 1:15-1:30
Lesson 7 1:30-2:05
Lesson 8 2:05-2:45



Key Stage 2 Timetable

Sunday – Thursday
Registration 07:30-07:40
Lesson 1 07:40-08:25
Lesson 2 08:25-09:10
Break 9:10-9:30
Lesson 3 9:30-10:15
Lesson 4 10:15-11:00
Lesson 5 11:00-11:45
Lunch 11:45-12:20
Prayer 12:20-12:45
Lesson 7 12:45-1:40
Lesson 8 1:40-2:45



The Primary timetable is subject to annual review and may be changed


Will I have a regular duty?

Yes. You will receive a copy of the responsibilities involved in carrying out the duties which you have been given in the staff handbook.


How do I get to and from school?

During the pre-term week, arrangements will be made for you to be given a lift to and from your apartment each day. Most new staff buy a car fairly soon after receiving their residence permit. Until that time you will find that other teachers who live in or near your apartment building will be happy to take you to and from school. It is inexpensive to hire a car until you receive your residence permit although you must have a valid U.K. driving licence.


Will I be involved in any extra-curricular activities?

Every member of staff is expected to participate in at least one extra-curricular activity per week.



Does the School have a dress code for teachers?

Light, loose clothing (not transparent) in natural fabrics is generally the most comfortable. Skirts should cover to the ankles and should not have deep slits open from the hem. All blouses etc should be long and loose and should have sleeves which reach to the wrist and a modest neckline. Trousers are allowed in school. They must be generously cut and a loose long top or jacket should be worn over the trousers or skirts. Jeans are not allowed.


Can I take pictures of the School and gardens?

A member of staff is responsible for organising the taking of photographs at school functions. Only school cameras may be used. No one may bring their own camera to school without the permission of the Principal.


What official functions do I have to attend after school hours?

You are expected to attend the following functions after school:

  • parents’ evenings
  • other occasional functions as and when they occur


The timings of these meetings are published in advance on the school calendar. In addition, you will also be required to attend, as appropriate, departmental meetings, heads of department meetings, staff meetings, year team meetings and INSET sessions.


May I borrow school equipment?

It may be possible to borrow certain items of school equipment but you must ask the Principal’s permission first. The Bursar should also be informed as she will notify the security staff.


Can I use the School’s swimming pool and gym?

The school’s sporting facilities may be used after the students have left by staff members only with prior arrangement by the Head of PE. They may not be used during the school day, school holidays or at weekends. If you would like to use the swimming pool, another teacher must also use the pool at the same time for safety reasons. Nobody may swim after 4.00 pm to allow the pool to be cleaned.


Can I invite a visitor to look around the School?

All requests to bring a visitor into school at any time should be discussed with the Principal first, who will normally give permission.



What do I do if I am ill and cannot come to school?

Phone the school administration on 04 6011011 or call the Deputy Heads of Primary by 7.15 am in the morning. It is your responsibility to inform the school about the work to be set in your absence. If you are absent from school you must obtain a doctor’s note (DOHM) or your salary will be affected. You should also inform your Year Leader.


Do I need to obtain a doctor’s note if I am absent from school?

Yes. If you are away from school for 1 day, you must obtain a medical certificate (DOHM) from your doctor. The weekend should be included in this calculation, e.g. if you fall sick on Tuesday and return to work on Sunday, this counts as five days absence and not three.


What do I do if I become ill during the School day and want to go home?

You should see the School Nurse. You must ask permission from the Deputy Head of Primary before you leave school, inform your Year Leader and organise your cover for lessons and duties.


What do I do if I want time off school?

Staff are expected to take care of such personal matters as visits to the bank in their own time. It is also possible to visit dentists, doctors and physiotherapists during the evening or the Principal’s permission must be asked first.


For your information, opening hours for the following organisation are:


Dubai Islamic Bank                  Sunday to Thursday               8.00 am to 1.30 pm

Saturday                                 8.00 am to 12.00 noon


Embassies (are generally)      Sunday to Thursday               7.30 am to 11.00 pm Visa

8.00 am to 1.00 pm Consular

7.30 am to 2.30 pm General


General Post Office                Sunday to Thursday               8.00 am to 12.00 midnight

8.00 am to 11.00 pm



Before Arrival

If arriving from abroad to start employment at SRS, the Government requires you to possess an employment visa. To help us obtain your visa before your arrival, we will require you to provide us with the documentation, details of which you will receive from HR.


Employment Visa

The employment visa application process normally takes two weeks, but has been known to take longer in certain cases.


You will be required to undertake a medical examination in Dubai shortly, after your work visa is approved. This is to comply with Government regulations and is a prerequisite for obtaining your residency permit for the UAE which is usually valid for 2 years.


When the time comes to renew your employment visa, kindly contact HR who will notify you about the documentation you will need to submit.


Documents to Bring to the UAE


  • Degree Certificates (BA,PGCE,QTS – attested)
  • Original Passport
  • Police Clearance (with year of employment validity)
  • 24 passport size photos (white background)


After Arrival

For your convenience, the school will make arrangements for a representative to greet you at the UAE airport. Upon exit of customs, the representative will bring you to your assigned accommodation.


Residence Visa

To apply for residence visa, the employee has to undergo medical fitness screening which includes chest x-ray and blood tests. Once done, the school will collect the result form the medical facility and the employee has to submit stamped employment entry visa to HR to start the process. These will all be arranged by the school, HR will be in contact with you for the details.


Sponsorship Visa

On your arrival in Dubai, we will assist you in the visa process.

SRS sponsors you as an employee and you are then responsible for the sponsorship of your spouse and/or children.


If you intend to sponsor your spouse or children, you will need to know the below information. All charges towards the sponsorship of family are to be borne by the employee.


Sponsoring spouse: If the employee is sponsoring the spouse, the marriage certificate should be attested by the UAE embassy in the respective country of origin.


Partners: It is against the law to sponsor a ‘partner’, if the couple is not married.


Sponsoring children: For sponsoring dependent children, the birth certificate/s of children has to be attested by the UAE embassy in the respective country of origin.


It is not possible to have marriage and/or birth certificates notarized/attested from within the UAE using the Empost/IntegraScreen attestation process. Therefore, this process has to be completed in advance of arrival.


Attestation Costs

All costs involved in attestation of certificates or documents are to be borne by the employee.



SRS employees will move into company accommodation with the basic utility like DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) connected. Employee has to pay their monthly bill from the time they moved in. The DEWA account number will be given to the employees by the accommodation manager, Ms Maryam Castro ( and the employees can pay the bill online at or through any Etisalat machine. Once the bill has been paid, employee has to give the original receipt to the accommodation manager as the housing fees will be reimbursed to the employee on their next month’s salary.


Included in School Housing

In the accommodation are items such as: air conditioning units, and water heater units. Any appliances provided by the school shall remain in the unit. If such property is removed from the residence, the resident will be billed accordingly.


Excluded from School Housing

Excluded from the permanent accommodation are items such as: land lines, internet service, cleaning service, personal laundry facilities, blow dryers, consumable supplies, and CD/DVD players. For employees who choose to avail the school housing allowance where utilities are not included in the rent, you are responsible for initiating the utility service. Utility costs for water, sewer, heat, electricity, and basic cable TV service are not included in the monthly rent for all apartments for rent.


Maintenance and Repairs

First report any breakage, damage or need for repair to dwelling units, facilities or equipment to the property watchman, landlord representative, or building management company provided by the School. If the watchman, landlord representative, or building management company fails to comply with any maintenance or repair requests, then you need to contact the accommodation manager.


Property Condition

The property must be in the same condition upon vacancy as it was upon occupancy, except for normal wear and tear.


Applying for a telephone and internet connection

Etisalat & Du are the two mobile phone options currently available in Dubai. Du charges by the second and a prefix to a du mobile number is 055/052, while Etisalat uses 050/056.

To set up a contract arrangement, you need your passport with your residency visa in it, a copy of your passport including the residency visa page and a letter from your employer detailing your income.


Driving Licence

You may be eligible to transfer your existing driving license through RTA (Roads & Transport Authority), without having to take a driving test or going to driving school, if you have a valid driving license from the Gulf Co-operation Council or an approved list of 36 countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States.


You may check for comprehensive information on transferring an existing licence.


The full list of eligible countries can be obtained at the official Dubai Government site

( or at the Dubai Police (


All other nationalities are required to attend driving classes before a UAE driving licence can be obtained. Individuals with valid licenses may be able to get a reduction on the number of classes to be attended after fulfilling various requirements.


Traffic Rules in the UAE

In the UAE, vehicles are driven on the right-hand side (similar to the United States and Canada). Dubai is a city with many roundabouts. The “Safety Seat Belt Law” applies in the UAE. Children aged 10 years old and under are required to ride in the back seat.


UAE traffic authority has zero tolerance for driving under consumption of alcohol. People who are involved in a traffic accident in which another party is seriously injured automatically go to jail until the injured person is released from the hospital. Should a person die in a traffic accident, the driver of the other vehicle is liable for payment of compensation for the death (known as “Dhiyya”), usually the equivalent of approximately USD 55,000. You may also purchase a vehicle insurance license that will cover this cost.


Traffic Violations, Fines, and Speeding Cameras

Traffic speeding cameras are located all over Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. Drivers are advised to conform to UAE traffic rules and regulations, and refrain from any traffic offences. Traffic violations can result not only in fines, but also in “Black Points” which, if accumulated, can result in the suspension of your driving license or even harsher penalties.


Medical Health Insurance

All SRS teachers are provided with a medical insurance, which does not include Dental and Maternity benefits. Married female employees, aged 18 – 60 years old, are required by law to have the maternity benefits included in their medical insurance however the cost is covered by the employee. Coverage for health insurance commences once work/residence visa is finalised.


Bank Accounts

Many multinational and local banks operate in the UAE. Dubai Islamic Bank is where SRS deposits all the employees’ salary.



To open a bank account you will require:

  • A copy of your passport with your residency permit stamped.
  • A copy of your Emirates ID


The school usually arranges for the bank representative to visit the school twice a month.


Once you have opened the bank account, ATM cards are delivered to the school within 10-15 working days.


Salary Payments

Payments of salary are made every 3rd of the month and cover every 21st to 20th of the month. Salaries are credited to employee’s bank account. In your first month at SRS, you will be given cash salary.


To avoid salary discrepancies, please ensure to submit appropriate forms on a timely manner.


Confirmation of attendance – this form is to be used when you don’t have your ID badge available and not able to sign-in and sign-out of the attendance machine for the day. This must be submitted to HR on the same day.


Request for Day or Time Off or First Day Absence – this form is to be used for the following instances –


  1. Time-off Request (Section 1) – if you need to be out of the school for certain number of hours. This needs prior approval and signature from your line manager. Must be submitted to HR on or before the date of request.
  2. Day-off / Leave Request (Section 2) – if you need to be out of the school for an entire day or more. This also needs prior approval and signature from your line manager and Principal. Must be submitted to HR before the date of request.
  3. First day sickness absence only (Section 3) – this needs to be filled-out if you are absent due to sickness for one day on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Employee needs to provide a valid medical certificate if the absence is more than two days and/or falls on a Thursday or Sunday.


SRS Useful Contacts
Telephone: 04 6011011
SLT/Senior Staff Position Email Address
Ms Nan Principal
Mr Ayman Vice Principal
Mr Tom Secondary Head Teacher
Mr John Primary Head Teacher
Ms Laila Head of Arabic and Islamic Studies
Ms Elma Administrative Manager
Ms Nadine Primary Office Manager
Ms Sondus Chief Librarian and Student Guidance
Ms Hala Bursar/Financial Manager
Mr Mahmoud Senior Accountant
Ms Rachel Deputy Head of Primary
Mr Fraser Deputy Head of Primary
Ms Angela EYFS Assistant Head Teacher
Ms Wendy Primary Assistant Head Teacher
Ms Stephanie Primary Assistant Head Teacher
Ms Claire Primary Assistant Head Teacher
Ms Amina PA to Head of Primary
Ms Eloise Asst. Head Teacher/Senior Curriculum Leader for Science
Ms Juliet Asst. Head Teacher/Pastoral Girls
Ms Margaret Asst. Head Teacher/Senior Curriculum Leader for English
Mr Mohammed Din Secondary SENCO
Ms Haneen Arabic Department Secretary
Mr Amer IT Manager
Ms Meann HR Coordinator
Ms Edlyn HR Assistant
Ms Pia HR Assistant
Mr Ismaeel Public Relation Officer
Ms Maryam Support Services Manager (Accommodation)
Ms Kamelia Head of Welfare Office


What about pensions?

The school advises all staff to make careful enquiries about how existing pension plans might be affected by residence overseas. The DSS can give advice about state pensions and the DFES about teachers’ superannuation.


What is my taxation position in the U.K.?

If you contact your tax office explaining that you will be working overseas for at least a full financial year (i.e. April to April) they will send you an information leaflet and a form to complete.   The tax authorities should then agree that you are “not ordinarily resident” for tax purposes and send you a letter stating this. Some of the effects of this are as follows:


You will pay no U.K. tax on your earnings in the U.A.E. provided that you spend less than the maximum permitted time in the U.K. during the tax year;


  1. you may receive interest gross on, for example, building society deposits;
  2. you will probably not be eligible for tax relief on any mortgage repayments;
  • a tax rebate can be obtained on earnings from April to August as long as you fulfil the necessary requirements.


There a number of books about the financial implications of expatriate status. You should be sure to get the latest editions as the rules often change.


How do I go about buying a car?

You will not be able to buy a car until you have obtained your residence permit. There are no consumer protection laws in Dubai. Used cars in particular should be bought from a reputable agency.


Should you decide to buy a vehicle from a private individual, it is wise to have the car

checked out by “AAA Service Centre” first (tel: 2858989/3470400). Once a private sale has been completed it is almost impossible to obtain any redress if something goes wrong with the vehicle or it is not as road worthy as it appears.



Do I have to show teaching materials to anyone before using them in the classroom?

You should not use any new teaching materials unless they have been shown to your Year Leader. Once you have been in school a short time, you will soon become aware of what areas of study are sensitive and need particular care and attention. It is important that you ask if in doubt. This will be appreciated in a positive way as an indication of your concern and sensitivity. Advice on the suitability of teaching materials should be sought from the Deputy Head of Primary.


What do I do if I am concerned about a student in my teaching group?

Initially, a problem associated with a student in your teaching group should be discussed with your Year Leader. If the problem persists, the Welfare Officer will be consulted.


Is it possible to give a student extra lessons?

SRS Policy is that there should be no extra lessons given to students after school unless previously cleared by the Principal due to extreme or urgent cases. No tuition can be given in students’ homes. This is expressly forbidden by the Ministry of Education and their guidelines should be followed at all times.


Is there a homework diary system?

Yes. There is a dairy to record homework assignments. Year Groups are responsible for putting together a subject homework timetable. These will be monitored by the Deputy Heads of Primary to ensure their effective use. The diary is also used to record special effort or other achievements which deserve recognition.


How do I get material photocopied?

All copying is done on the machines in the resources room. You can request photocopying to be done by the Reprographics Assistant.



What do I do if a student is unwell in my lesson?

Any student who feels unwell in your lesson should be sent to the School Nurse with a completed medical referral form. This does not mean, however, that minor ailments, e.g. a small cut on the finger, should not wait until the end of the lesson. Teachers must use their judgement but always erring on the side of caution. You will need a medical referral form whenever a student leaves your classroom. When the student returns from the Nurse she will give you a slip showing the time she left the Nurse’s room.


How do I check if a student is absent?

After registration, form registers are returned to the School Registrar. If students are late to school, their names are recorded in the late book by administration and a late slip issued. This should be recorded in the register by the class teacher.


What do I do if a student wants to go home during the School day?

No student may leave school without seeing the Nurse and the Administration. All notes from home regarding doctor’s appointments, etc are checked by Administration. There are no exceptions to this rule.


What do I do if a student wishes to telephone home during the day?

Students are not allowed to make telephone calls home except with the class teachers written permission. Only calls of an urgent nature should be allowed. The administration will allow student calls only if the class teacher has approved it.


Are mobile phones allowed in the school?

Mobile phones should be switched off whilst teachers are in lessons.


Am I allowed to take photographs of the students?

You may not bring your own camera into school. School cameras may be used only with prior permission.


Am I allowed to take videos in the School?

No, this may only be done by designated school staff. No copies of videos may be made without permission and no videos may be removed from school.


What do I do if a student is persistently late to my lesson?

Teachers should set an example by being punctual themselves and insisting on good time-keeping from the first day of term. Whenever a student is continually late arriving at school in the mornings, the matter should be discussed with the Deputy Heads of Primary.


Does the school have a uniform?

The uniform is provided by the School, details of which can be obtained when you arrive at school. If you notice that a student is not wearing the correct school uniform you should inform their Class Teacher.


Students are allowed to wear one pair of simple earrings, and a watch. If you see a student wearing excessive jewellery, please ask her to remove it and put it in her pocket.



Can I telephone a parent directly to talk about an individual student?

You must first obtain permission from the Deputy Heads of Primary before a student’s family is contacted directly. This applies to all written communications as well as telephone calls. There are no exceptions to this rule.


Can I write letters to or contact an external organisation on behalf of the School?

All communication with outside organisations must be routed through the Principal. Again, there are no exceptions to this rule.


Will parents ever telephone me at home?

It is not school policy to release staff telephone numbers and staff should not give other teachers’ telephone numbers to parents or other members of the public without first consulting the member of staff concerned.


Tel: +971 4 6011011

Registration Enquiries: +971569985019

P.O. Box : 57442,  27463

Dubai - United Arab Emirates


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