We believe that . .


Every child learns best in a safe and caring environment where high academic expectations, self-esteem, good character, healthy lifestyles and an appreciation for religion and the arts are promoted.


A variety of teaching strategies, meaningful materials and emerging technology should be used to maximize student potential and individual learning styles.


Every child should be given a variety of assessment opportunities to demonstrate achievement and application of learning.


A quality education, continuous improvements, and positive communications are the shared responsibility of the school, home, and community.


The School is committed to building self-esteem, enhancing creativity, individuality and spirituality, and developing healthy lifestyles. In cooperation with parents and community, the staff establishes high expectations for all students as the standard and provides a safe, nurturing environment in a bilingual context where our students have the opportunity to become productive, knowledgeable and responsible citizens. This is firmly rooted in the values of their culture and characterized by tolerance and openness to dialogue among civilizations.


The designation of the school as “Research Science” is to emphasize knowledge through self-learning, exploration, critical thinking and inquiry, in the context of a thorough appreciation of the theory of multiple intelligences.


The School of Research Science views the child as a whole, aspiring to help him/her develop in a harmonious way – the different, yet integrated, aspects of his/her personality – cognitive, emotional, physical and aesthetic.


In order to achieve such outcomes in the personal development and well being of the student, the school adopts various student-centred strategies in order to develop the love for lifelong learning and a balanced personality to play a constructive role in the fast-changing global community.


Parents are a central part of this teamwork. Their feedback and opinions support the school strategies and activities. Their interaction and engagement is one of the highest priorities of the school.


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