All students have the right to learn in a safe environment without fear. It is against this policy for any student to bully, intimidate or create a hostile educational environment for another student. Bullying and intimidation are defined as either physically harming a student or damaging his/her property, or knowingly placing the student in reasonable fear of such, or creating a hostile educational environment. The policy addresses conduct taking place on school grounds, at any school activity or on school-provided transportation.


Bullying can undermine and can prevent students from progressing academically and socially and it can have lifelong negative consequences for both victim and the bully. We therefore have zero tolerance of bullying. Any student involved in bullying will be disciplined and will receive appropriate counselling from the school. Following any report received about bullying, verbal or physical, an investigation will be undertaken by the Pastoral Team. Appropriate school sanctions will be applied after each case or incident has been investigated fully.


Cyber Bullying

SRS students are expected to act with respect and concern for all others both in and outside school hours. Any form of cyber bullying will not be tolerated and any SRS students who target another child through the use of the internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones will be subject to the consequences for bullying as set out in the SRS student Behaviour code.


Alleged victims of the above offences shall report these incidents immediately to a teacher, Counsellor or Head of School. Any allegations shall be fully investigated.
A substantiated charge against an employee shall result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. A substantiated charge against a student may result in corrective or disciplinary action up to and including suspension.

The Principal is responsible for educating and training staff and students as to the definition and recognition of any form of discrimination/harassment


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