At SRS we are working as a team to give each child the best possible opportunities for their future.

However, we realise that from time to time communication can break down and problems arise. We want to keep these to a minimum by being open and consistent and working in partnership with the parents. However, if a problem should arise the complaints procedure will ensure that difficulties are resolved quickly and smoothly. To ensure a child’s school life is happy and successful, the complaints procedure must be followed in all instances.


All subject-related queries should be raised by appointment with the child’s teacher (primary) or subject teacher (secondary) in the first instance. All pastoral matters should be raised by appointment with the class teacher (primary) or tutor (secondary) in the first instance. The majority of queries and anxieties can be dealt with informally in this way.


If the complaint cannot be resolved in this way, then an appointment should be made with the relevant member of staff. This could be the Year Leader (primary) or Head of Department/Pastoral Team (secondary).


More serious complaints can be referred straight to the Assistant Head teachers in Secondary or Welfare Officer in Primary who should be able to resolve matters. If not, then they will be passed on to the either the Head of Primary/Secondary or Vice Principal. If any complaint cannot be resolved through these informal methods it should be put in writing to the Principal to be dealt with.


Parents have the right to request that the Board of Governors hear any grievance that they feel has not been properly addressed by the school’s Principal and the Administrative office and following the KHDA Parent School Contract agreement.


The parent concerned should inform the Board of the problem in writing. The letter should be passed to the school’s Office Manager who in turn will give the letter to the committee and Principal.


The Principal will be asked to provide the Chairperson with all the information relevant to this complaint. The Chairperson will determine if a hearing is necessary for the Board of Governors.


If a hearing is necessary, the Board of Governors will be required to set up a committee comprised of a teacher, a parent, a school leader and a member of the Board of Governors. None of the members of the committee shall have any connection to the original concern or complaint. The parent may attend the committee hearing, however legal representation is not considered appropriate. The committee shall study the matter and within 10 working days issue a written report to the Principal of the school and to the parent and where relevant the person complained about. All parent complaint documents need to be presented at the next Board of Governors meeting.


All parent complaints should be recorded with details of action taken and outcome. Written records indicate whether complaints are resolved at the preliminary stage or whether they proceed to a panel hearing. Parental complaint documents are presented at the next Board of Governors’ meeting. All correspondence, statements and records of complaints are kept confidential, except in cases where local legal requirements permit access or enable restriction by local Ministries.


Board of Governors can be contacted through the Secretary of the Board, Mrs. Elma at 04-6011011 Ext. 5014 or email at


If a parent is still not satisfied, then the parent has the right thereafter to refer the matter to the KHDA by contacting the Compliance and Resolution Commission on



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