The School prides itself in being a calm, safe and family friendly learning environment. Relationships between teachers, staff and students are good and also good between students and their peers. Recent Student Voice interviews support these claims. Students without exception said they felt, safe and secure; they thought a strength of the school was the family atmosphere and they all felt confident there was a teacher or another adult they could go to for support and guidance if they had any worries or concerns.



At SRS we aim to nurture and encourage all students, whatever their age. We promote independence in personal and academic development. In order to maintain an orderly learning community we ask that your children adhere to our guidelines set out below

Students should:

  • Take responsibility for their actions.
  • Demonstrate self-respect through cleanliness and grooming.
  • Respect all persons regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, and mental or physical ability.
  • Use only language and gestures appropriate in a school setting and in keeping with an attitude of respect for all individuals.
  • Keep classrooms, personal and common areas (e.g. cafeteria & playground) in the school clean, tidy and litter free.
  • Keep classrooms, personal and common areas (e.g. cafeteria & playground) in the school clean, tidy and litter free.
  • Not bring any soft drinks or energy drinks into school at any time.
  • Not chew gum whilst in school or on school grounds.


SRS aims to provide an atmosphere that is supportive and caring. If students enjoy coming to school and find the programme both stimulating and interesting then, as a general rule, this is reflected in good behaviour on the part of the students.

At the heart of the School ‘ s Behavioural Policies (Section 7 of the School Policy Manual) are the beliefs that children develop best in an atmosphere, which encourages and rewards them rather than upon a system, which relies solely upon the deterrent of punishments as an incentive to promote good behaviour.

An essential element in the success of any behaviour policy is a close partnership between the school and home and SRS is committed to pursuing these policies. If there is anything you
think the teacher needs to know about your child that may affect his/her behaviour or work in school please let us know. The new KHDA Parent-School Contract also supports parents and teachers working together in order to achieve the highest standards of behaviour from students.



SRS has a rewards system that promotes positive behaviour and attitudes amongst students. The rewards will be presented at assemblies and under pin SRS school values.

In Primary they include:

  • Dojo Points and certificates(www.classdojo.com)
  • Stickers and badges
  • Star of the week
  • Arabic awards
  • Certificates for attitude, effort and achievement
  • SRS Award


In Secondary they include:

  • Y7 and Y8 Merits
  • Student of the Week
  • Student of the Month
  • Half termly awards assemblies
  • SEN Passport to Achievement
  • SRS ‘ Oscars Evening’ (June 2015)

The merit system is used throughout SRS; merits may be awarded for a number of reasons including:

  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Behaviour
  • Uniform
  • Positive contribution in class
  • Academic excellence
  • Progress
  • Special celebrations
  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Community
  • Achievement
  • Global Ambassador Award



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