The Principal shall be responsible for the overall implementation and supervision of the Board of Governor’s Rules of Behaviour and Discipline and shall ensure that students at school are subject to a uniform and fair application of the Rules. All rules are based on upon UAE law and guidance.


The Heads of each school shall be responsible for implementation and administration in his/her school and shall apply the Rules uniformly and fairly to each student at the school without partiality and discrimination.


The Board of Governors delegates to the Principal the responsibility of developing more specific rules of behaviour and discipline which are appropriate for each level of school, namely, Foundation, Primary and Secondary. The development of rules shall involve the Principal and faculty members of each level of school and shall be consistent with the content of the Board of Governor’s Rules.


A copy of the Rules shall be posted at each school and school counsellors shall be supplied copies for discussion with students. The rules shall be referenced in all school Handbooks. All teachers, administrative staff and parents shall be provided copies of the Rules.



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