A child entering Foundation (FS1 & FS2) shall be no less than three (3) years of age on or before September 15 of the first school term.


The parent will be responsible for obtaining the correct approval from the Ministry for any child wishing to enter a certain year before the correct age, as per the Ministry of Education rules.




FS1 – Year 1:
These pupils will be admitted according to the arrangements on the first page. Priority will be given to children who have brothers/sisters in school already. Children who are not offered a place immediately will be put onto a waiting list and parents will be contacted as soon as a place becomes available.


Years 2 – 13:

Parents are asked to make an appointment with the Administration staff for their child to meet the appropriate Key Stage Coordinator and sit a short test. This test will be in English but support will be available if required. In addition, for native speakers there will be also be an Arabic language test.


The tests will be administered under test conditions and consists of literacy and numeracy for Years 2 – 6, with an additional science test for Years 7-13, linked to the British Curriculum.


The child will be expected to reach a standard appropriate for entry to the year corresponding to their chronological age. If that standard is reached then registration can be completed. Details available from the Administration staff.


If a child fails to reach the expected standard then parents will be informed of the areas, which need to be improved.


If the parents wish, a retest can be arranged, after a minimum of two (2) weeks during which the child will be expected to have made improvements so that the expected level is then reached. The second test will be similar to, but not the same, as the first.


Should any child show aptitude for entry to the appropriate year but have Special Educational Needs further discussion with the Head teacher, Special Educational Needs Coordinator and Key Stage Coordinator will be arranged.



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