The policy of social work at SRS seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • To assist the students in realising personal social adjustment through training them to face frustration and to rationalise, to know themselves and strengthen this and to develop balanced and fruitful relationships with their teacher, peers, and all other staff in the school
  • Provide students with a rich, healthy, stimulating, warm and safe social context that frees the student to realise their academic personal and social potential
  • Take the necessary preventive measures to protect the student from all manifestations or undesirable behaviour
  • Provide the student with counselling services in order to help those who need such services
  • Strengthen the relationship between parents and school
  • Build bridges between the school and the local community
  • Promote the spirit and practices of social work among students
  • Developing a sense of country and world citizenship


The following arrangements/procedures and actions are taken to realise the above-mentioned objectives:

  • Establishment of rules and regulations and ensuring student access to them
  • Organising student camps under proper slogans/mottos that reflect the Mission and Values of the school
  • Organising exhibitions that stimulate and demonstrate the different intelligences and talents of the students
  • Building and activating a coherent web of counselling and guidance techniques, preventive and curative such as:
  • Behaviour modification techniques
  • Self assertiveness training
  • Individual clinical interviews
  • Case studies
  • Group counselling
  • Keeping a close relationship with parents by contacting them through all proper channels, to encourage them to visit and cooperate with the school and involving them in decision making in the school
  • Organising visits and trips in the Emirates and abroad
  • Arranging meetings with society and business leaders who represent success
  • Involving students in local community services such as launching campaigns to help the poor, the sick and to promote major social issue
  • Organising training workshops for teachers and students, to make them engage in a well-informed and enthusiastic way in the activities of social work.


Data will be collected and used to analyse and evaluate student involvement and participation in activities and to demonstrate maximum opportunities for all students


The School Welfare Officer/s should be easily accessible by students especially at the following times:

The Welfare Officer/s shall be allowed to enter all classrooms by appointment, with prior knowledge of the teacher, Head of School and Principal, to assess individual students and affect the early possible diagnosis of any students with potential learning difficulties or behavioural problems.


Any teacher can request that the Welfare Officer be present in their class for student with any special needs assessment.


The school will provide a female and male personnel to cover the duties of the Welfare Officer.


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