Welfare Department

The aim of the welfare department is to help students to improve their knowledge and understanding about themselves and to support them in achieving their goals.The team help students cope with a range of situations they may find themselves in by discussing choices and alternative options available to them so that students are able to find solutions with any problems they might encounter.

In addition, students are supported in modifying their behaviour through counselling, strengthening attitudes, building positive values, increasing confidence, motivation and aspiration.They can also offer counselling for stress, depression, bereavement and coping with family tensions.

The team supports staff by increasing their knowledge about Islamic and Arabic cultures, traditions and values.They also work with parents by helping them to engage positively with their children through making them aware of their child’s needs in their different growth stages.

Referrals may come in a variety of ways:

  • Student self-referrals
  • Referral by the Pastoral Team
  • By parents

Ms Kamelia is the head of the welfare department and is also the School’s designated child protection officer.It is the responsibility of every member of staff to ensure that suspected cases of child abuse (neglect, physical, emotional and sexual abuse) are recognised and dealt with as quickly as possible.

It is imperative that all suspected cases are duly reported and fully investigated in accordance with the school’s comprehensive safeguarding policies and procedures.

The Welfare Department direct lines:

      • +97146011066 
      • +97146011067
 Welfare Hotline: +97146011075