Arabic Department

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Arabic Department

Our Arabic Language Studies program stands as a pillar of our commitment to global education and cultural fluency. Designed by a team of linguistic experts, our curriculum meets the highest international standards for language instruction, ensuring that every student receives an education that is both comprehensive and world-class.

Dynamic and Engaging Curriculum:  

Our curriculum is a vibrant tapestry of learning that encourages students to develop critical and creative thinking skills. With a constantly updated curriculum, we ensure that our content is always current, topical, and engaging, making Arabic language study into a thrilling adventure of discovery.

Tailored for Non-Native Speakers:  

Recognizing our students’ various backgrounds, we provide a strong curriculum adapted to non-native speakers. Our program, which spans ten levels of training, provides students with the essential skills required to study Arabic as a second language. This is supplemented by cutting-edge technological materials and applications that make learning more engaging and effective.

At SRS, learning Arabic is about more than just learning the language; it’s also about embracing a rich cultural legacy. Our students learn more than simply how to communicate; they also learn about history and people, which opens up doors for new opportunities and understanding.
To enrich the educational experience of our students through a variety of engaging activities. These projects and activities are designed to deepen their connection with the Arabic language and culture:

Reading Programs: Encouraging a lifelong passion for reading, students explore a diverse range of Arabic literature, enhancing their language skills and cultural knowledge.
National Reading Projects: Participating in national initiatives, our students join a larger community of readers, contributing to and benefiting from a collective literary dialogue.
Cultural Days : Celebrating the rich heritage of the Arab world, these events immerse students in the traditions and customs that are integral to the Arabic language.
Language Festivals: Showcasing the beauty of Arabic through festivals, students participate in activities that highlight the linguistic diversity and artistic expression within the Arab culture.
Creative Writing Initiatives: Fostering creativity, students are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas through writing, developing their ability to communicate effectively in Arabic.
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