High Performance Learning

At SRS, teaching and learning are built upon the learning capacities and values, attitudes and attributes in our High Performance Learning (HPL) programme. Our belief is that intelligence is not fixed, and every student has the potential to achieve highly. Our teaching and learning strategy is designed to ensure that every student achieves their full potential, whatever their starting point.

The HPL programme is supported by our Student Learner Profile (SLP) which maps out the key competencies we consider to be critical for successful learning: character, communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and citizenship.

Our teachers are committed to shaping the future generation who will be creative independent thinkers, able to adapt their knowledge and skills to the ever changing needs of the technological age and the demands of the 21st century. We provide challenge and choice for all our students through a personalised programme of study that is inspired by expert, passionate and engaging teaching. We endeavour to prepare our students exceptionally well for a new and exciting future.