Islamic Department

Our Islamic Education department is a cornerstone of our educational ethos, reflecting our deep respect for the school's vision and mission. We offer a curriculum that emphasizes a correct and moderate understanding of Islam, tailored to nurture the spiritual, intellectual, and moral growth of our students.
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Our Islamic Education curriculum is dynamic, constantly growing to meet the diverse needs of our students. It equips them with the knowledge to comprehend and apply Islamic principles across various life contexts, promoting a balanced and informed worldview.

Supportive Programs for Holistic Development:   

Morning Quran Program: Starting the day with the recitation of the Quran sets a serene tone, grounding students in their faith.
Memorization Competitions: Encouraging the retention and understanding of the Quranic verses, enhancing both memory and spiritual connection.
Dialogue Programs: Addressing contemporary issues through an Islamic lens, preparing students to navigate the modern world with confidence and clarity.
At SRS, we believe that Islamic Education is not just about academic learning; it's about cultivating a compassionate and understanding heart. Our programs are crafted to enrich the educational experience, ensuring that our students are well-prepared to lead with wisdom and empathy.
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