Our Approach to Maths

In SRS, Maths follows the mastery approach from the UK National Curriculum and is taught using the ‘Maths – No Problem’ scheme of work.

This is a Maths programme based on the Singapore model of Maths teaching.

We are the first Maths-No Problem! Accredited school in the Middle East and the second school internationally.

In this style of teaching, pupils will spend enough time to fully explore a concept before moving on to a different topic. Each mathematical unit is designed to provide minimal step progression through the material so that all pupils can move forward together at broadly the same pace. Provision is provided for struggling learners and advanced learners so that concepts are embedded and deepened without the need to accelerate.

Based on Jerome Bruner’s work, pupils learn new concepts initially using concrete examples, such as counters, then progress to drawing pictorial representations before finally using more abstract symbols, such as the equals sign.

Using the Singapore approach to teaching maths encourages students to explore their thinking using manipulatives and pictorial representations before moving onto the abstract. For quick learners, this gives them opportunity to examine concepts in different ways and make judgements as to the efficiency of different methods as well as articulating their learning with high expectations of the use of mathematical reasoning. For those who may struggle with maths, their understanding is supported through the use of manipulatives.

Every lesson has an open-ended problem as a starting point for learning. Usually the question can be investigated and answered using multiple strategies with the teacher converging ideas to teach the most efficient method.  The concrete-pictorial-abstract approach is used throughout to support the deep understanding of concepts.

Students solve the main problem in small groups or with partners with teacher questioning giving opportunity for exploring and articulation of explanations by the students before moving into practicing the preferred method.

Workbooks provide independent practice and additional activities consolidate and deepen conceptual learning.

Fluency of facts such as multiplication tables, estimation and comparing amounts is in incorporated into each lesson.

Useful Videos for Parents

The fundamentals of Maths – No Problem!

Dr Yeap Ban Har explains the fundamental concepts of addition, place value and the importance of using the right nouns.

Number bonds

Number bonds are often used in Singapore-style maths lessons. In this video for parents, Maths — No Problem! series consultant, Dr Yeap Ban Har, explains how we teach number bonds.


In this video for parents, Dr Yeap Ban Har, explains how subtraction is taught in a Singapore-style primary maths lesson.


Series consultant Dr Yeap Ban Har explores multiplication strategies for primary school children. This video is designed for parents who are interested in the Singapore Maths methods used in their school.

Long Division

In this video, aimed at parents, Dr Yeap Ban Har, explains how long division is taught in a Singapore-style Maths lesson.

Mental Arithmethic

In this video for parents, Dr Yeap Ban Har demonstrates how we teach children to work out the answer to a sum in their head.