Forensic Science Club & Robotics Design Club

900,00 AED


In this club the student will have two activities 4 sessions each. Forensic Science: This course introduces students to forensic science principles to solve legal issues within the civic and criminal justice system. Students will collect physical and chemical evidence from a theft crime scene, such as fingerprints, hair, blood, fabric, and soil samples. They will then analyze the evidence in a laboratory and compare it with the suspects’ pre- collected samples. Robotics Design: Students will learn how to create robots that respond to commands and interact with the outside environment. Use sensors to solve real- life problems and automate their robots to avoid obstacles, detect colors, escape the maze, and more. Learn object manipulation to lift and transport objects, and apply testing techniques to identify improvements. Learn programming fundamentals, including functions, subroutines, conditional statements, and loops, and enhance computational thinking skills.
HPL-Students will have opportunities to develop their creative and collaborative skills and behaviours.

Company Name:  STEMA

Year (5 – 6) Boys / Tuesday 3:30 – 4:30pm.

For more information, please contact
LWB department on

Year Group: 5, 6


Gender: Boys

Location: 6 Turquoise

Price: 900 AED

Min/Max Capacity: 10/20


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