Cafeteria Card 2,660 AED7,980 AED

Weekend Activity package (3 Activities)

2,040 AED

Price Includes 15% Discount

For Boys : Swimming, Football and Robotics

For Girls : Swimming, Gymnastics and Robotics

Arabic for non-speakers
Step into the world of Arabic with our tailored courses for non-native speakers, designed for ages 4 to 12. Our program covers all bases: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our expert instructors focus on perfecting pronunciation and building confidence in conversation. We’ll help you read Arabic accurately and write fluently. Plus, we’ll introduce you to the rich tapestry of Arab culture, giving you insight into language, society, and everyday life.

At SRS, we offer learn-to-swim sessions designed for children between 4 and 12 years old. Our programs provide an excellent opportunity for your child to develop essential life skills in swimming. With a wealth of experience in aquatic activities and expert trainers, our coaching team delivers professional sessions, prioritizing safety and nurturing your child’s progress in swimming.

Step into the captivating world of gymnastics with SRS! Our Artistic Gymnastics program welcomes girls of all skill levels, aged 4 to 12 years, on an exciting journey of athleticism and creativity. Led by our seasoned instructors, we adhere to international gymnastics standards, crafting a dynamic coaching framework that prioritizes safety and skill development.

Experience the thrill of football at SRS Football Activity, where we’re not just training players – we’re shaping future legends. With top-tier coaches leading the charge, our program is the ultimate playground for honing skills and embracing the joy of the game. Our inclusive environment ensures that everyone can learn, grow, and most importantly, have a blast along the way. Join us and kick-start your football journey towards greatness!

Robotics with AI
The Intro to Robotics with AI course is designed for children aged 6-8. It provides an engaging introduction to robotics where students learn the basics of Lego SPIKE, engage in mechanical assembly, get introduced to coding, and Understand AI concepts.
It’s a hands-on course aimed at igniting curiosity and passion for STEM and AI fields.

Starting date : May 19th , Every Sunday for 5 weeks,

Age 4 – 6 Boys / Time : 10 :00 – 11:00 / Location : PE Hall

Age 7 – 9 Boys / Time : 10 :00 – 11:00 / Location : PE Hall

Age 10 – 13 Boys / Time : 10 :00 – 11:00 / Location : PE Hall

Minimum no of students to run the class is 7.


In Addition to Robotics with AI




Gender: Boys / Girls Age(4 - 13)

Price: 15% Discount with Each Activity


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