At SRS, we believe in setting high expectations from the moment you enter our school. We want all our community to be PROUD to be part of SRS. We have a strong sense of purpose. We encourage our students to be enthusiastic about learning and positive about the future; to have high self-esteem and be confident and successful in what they do; to have understanding and respect for others; to have the ability and desire to further their own development and contribute to the society in which we live.

PROUD defines the culture and ethos at SRS and how it translates for our student’s daily lives.

Prepared and ready to learn

  • My IPad is charged and in school with me.
  • I am wearing the full SRS school uniform.
  • I have the correct equipment for my lessons, including my reading book.

Respectful of our environment

  • I always leave my classroom clean and tidy.
  • I take pride in our school displays and ensure they are looked after.
  • I switch off my mobile phone from ‘gate to gate’ and do not use it in the school building.

Open minded and aspirational

  • I strive to be innovative and think of different solutions to problems.
  • I work with determination, curiosity, and enthusiasm; never disrupting the learning of others.

Understanding and accepting of others

  • I appreciate that everyone is different, and we can learn from others.


  • I always arrive to lessons on time, lining up before I enter the room.
  • I walk quietly around the school building.
  • I submit my work on time and I am proud of what I have done.