Special Education Needs

Here at SRS we take pride in welcoming students with a wide range of different needs and offering an inclusive environment for them to learn in.

We have an experienced team of teachers and support staff who are dedicated to working with students, parents and external services in order to devise and deliver individual learning programs.

Admission Procedures for SEN

Every academic year we actively seek to enrol students with Special Educational Needs (SEN). The number of places we offer depends on the level of need; we refer to these as Wave 1, Wave 2 and Wave 3 needs.

Wave 1 needs are relatively minor and managed by the class teacher alone.

Wave 2 needs often require external assessment (Speech therapy etc) and some 1:1 or small group support daily from the schools support staff.

Wave 3 needs are those students with significant needs who often require shadow teachers and high levels of curriculum modifications.

Places for Wave 2 and 3 students are allocated after detailed assessments and interviews with the Special needs team. A specialised contract is drawn up between SRS and the parents which identifies what support is needed and who will provide it.

If you wish to register your child for an SEN assessment please contact our registration department.

What happens once your child has a place here?

Once your child has been accepted we work with you to put in place systems which will help your child transition to SRS quickly. These systems might include obtaining specialist reports, visits to SRS, an integration program or exploring suitable technology.
Within the first month we complete our assessments and ongoing observations and create an Individual Education Program which outlines what targets your child will be working on, what support they will receive and what curriculum modifications need to be made. Wave 3 students will have an additional personal plan document and students exhibiting behaviour difficulties will have a behavioural support plan. We track student progress through two online programs; Sims and Bsquared.

Learning support assistants (LSA)

We also offer support with recruiting learning support assistants for families through sending CV’s of suitable candidates and we work closely with external support services and families in offering suitable training to LSA.

Communicating with parents

One of our key aims this is to embed a range of communications strategies which keep parents up to date with daily and weekly events, progress their child is making and what their child is working on next.

On-site therapy

Here at SRS we work with a range of external providers and encourage all parties to attend ‘Team around the child meetings’.  Specialist therapies such as Speech and Language or Occupational Therapy are delivered on site wherever possible and this allows Learning mentors and shadow teachers to observe sessions and repeat them throughout the week to maximise the benefit to the students. We can recommend a number of reputable medical agencies who we already work closely with.