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Update from the Principal

Dear Parents
Welcome to our second whole school newsletter! Here you will find useful information and updates from the leaders of all SRS schools and phases, British, American and Arabic.

We are now in the final week of the first term, and what a fast-paced term it has been! Our primary focus has been to embed our quality of education expectations across all phases of the SRS schools. This means paying close attention to the quality of teaching, delivery of the curriculum, student discipline and assessment arrangements. The collaboration between different sections of the schools has been getting better as we are constantly looking for opportunities to share best practice and align our systems and processes across the schools. For example, the same systems and digital platforms are now used in the British and American schools for the evaluation of teacher effectiveness and staff appraisal. Purposeful collaboration is a prime objective which we will continue to advance and promote throughout the year.

I hope you do enjoy reading the updates from all our sections below. There is much to celebrate and look forward to. I take this opportunity to wish you and all our students a wonderful and restful winter break. We look forward to welcoming all our students back on Monday 2nd January 2023.

Dr. Nasim Butt
RSI Director/Principal

Whole School News

High Performance Learning – Spotlight

One of our key learning behaviours is Collaboration, this is the ability to share and present ideas with others, taking on a variety of roles and evaluating contributions to discussions. Over the past two weeks, students from the Junior and Secondary students have been taking part in ‘My Social Responsibility’ programme which has offered students a wide range of opportunities to develop their collaborative skills with our younger students. Just one of the ways we encourage collaboration.

For more information about HPL please visit our website;
High Performance Learning at SRS

National Day Celebrations

Celebrating UAE’s 51st Birthday was a wonderful occasion for all the school to dress up, have fun and learn more about the culture and heritage of the UAE.

A small group of Y12 US students also participated in a community outreach event where they visited a local Primary School to share their knowledge of Emirati history. They created an amazing performance full of creativity and interesting facts that was well received by over 700 international students.

Parents’ Consultation Day

Over 2000 parents visited the school on Wednesday 30th November to meet face to face with the teachers. It was wonderful to welcome parents back into our beautiful schools to share the good news about their progress and learning experiences! Our partnership with parents remains a key foundation to the success of SRS and the strong development of our pupils.

Anti-Bullying Week

This was celebrated by celebrating our differences by wearing odd socks at the beginning of the week, we then spent the week discussing the importance of ‘Reaching Out’ and seeking help when you feel you’re being bullied. The students also designed some incredible Anti-Bullying posters that are now proudly displayed around both the Junior and Primary schools.

Arabic and Islamic Studies News: ​ أخبار وفعاليات القسم العربي

تميز الصفين الثالث والرابع في برنامج مقروء، حيث حصلا على المركز الأول.
تقَيّيمُ أداءَ البناتِ والبنين، في إتقانِ الوضوءِ والصلاةِ لربِّ العالمين.
إجراء الاختبارات الدولية (IBT) للصفوف الخامس والسادس والسابع والعاشر.
غرّد أصحابُ القرآنِ بأحلى التلاوات وأعذب القراءات، فأنْهينا معهم المرحلةَ الثانيةَ من تصفيات مسابقة أجمل ترتيل.
أقمنا أمسية ترفيهيةً لأولادنا في القسمين: الأمريكي والبريطاني، ( من الخامس حتى الثاني عشر) تخللها أنشطة متنوعة تحمل قيماً حميدة.

Primary School News​

High Performing Learners Rewarded

Congratulations to all the students who received the High-Performance Learning Award for the first Cycle. One boy and girl in every year group was rewarded in line with our HPL philosophy, as they showed outstanding learning behaviours, some excellent role models!

My Social Responsibility

In keeping with our commitment to building leadership and responsibility in our pupils; the Primary school has been welcoming students from both the Junior and Secondary schools to work with our students. Not only have the older pupils enjoyed supporting and guiding but also the younger pupils have really enjoyed the ‘big’ students helping them in lessons.

Year 3 Educational Visit

This week we welcomed 8billionideas to SRS Primary as we held drop down days in Years 1-4 for Entrepreneurship Education sessions. The students discussed how to solve problems around sustainability then created prototypes and presented these to each other.

Junior School News

My Social Responsibility

In keeping with our commitment to building leadership and responsibility in our pupils; Junior students have recently visited the Primary school to work with the younger students. Not only have the older pupils enjoyed supporting and guiding but also the younger pupils have really enjoyed the ‘big’ students helping them in lessons. Our students in Years 5 and 6 have also been supported by Secondary students and have been inspired by their attitude and maturity!


Year 5 got the chance to head up to the US STEM labs in the Secondary building to be dazzled by the technology and innovation.

Student Leadership

Can students really make a difference in their community? Can their ideas be heard and acted upon? Can a 10 year-old have an impact in a large school such as SRS? YES, YES, YES! That’s why in the Junior section we have an array of student leadership positions including Eco-Leaders, Digital Leaders, House Captains and Wellbeing Leaders. The students have so many impressive ideas to make our community healthier and happier so we can look forward to seeing their impact over the next few months!

UK Secondary School News

My Social Responsibility

It has been fantastic to see all our students in Year 7 – 9 supporting lower school students across the school. As always, they did themselves proud and were a credit to the school. Opportunities such as this have been revitalised following the return to normal after COVID 19 and we look forward to many more opportunities for the schools to collaborate.

Head Boy and Head Girl

I am delighted to confirm we have now completed our Head Boy and Head Girl interview process. Appointed students are:

Head Girl: Khadija Asim Rehan

Head Boy: Abdulrahman Almarzooqi

Deputy Head: Fatima Moizuddin

All candidates delivered a presentation on how they would like to see SRS improve, and the actions they would take to achieve this. Many congratulations to all applicants and to our new student leaders.


This month we have seen the launch of our new parent communication app, Epraise. I am delighted to see so many parents already access this platform to contact teachers directly with any challenges or questions. Please contact Mr. Paul ([email protected]) should you need any assistance with this.

US High School News

Hello SRS Parents,

It’s an amazing time at SRS! UAE National Day and our Parent Consultation Days were very successful. Special thanks to all of you who attended the meetings with teachers.

Please see the information and updates below as we head into the Winter Break.

  • Our Focus on Literacy
  • No Homework Policy
  • Career Advising and Counselling
  • Benchmark Exams

On behalf of the teachers and staff in the US High School, have a wonderful time off.

Have a Happy New Year!

Heath Bailey
SRS US High School

Our Focus on Literacy

At SRS, all teachers are teachers of literacy; we are committed to developing literacy skills in all of our students in the belief that this will support their learning and raise standards across the curriculum. Reading not only helps students succeed in school, but it also enables them to communicate effectively and precisely when competing for jobs and entering the world of work.  

Below are some of the various strategies we use at SRS to enhance our student’s literacy skills: 

Language Specificity

By understanding the language they use and being, students are able to become better readers and writers. Through widening their vocabulary, they are increasing their brain power and equipping themselves with the vital tools needed for effective communication.

School Libraries

Our students have access to our amazing school libraries, providing them with access to a wide range of books.

Classroom Libraries

At SRS, we have developed this in all our classrooms from primary to secondary. Classroom libraries with books from a variety of genres and covering a range of potential areas of interest increase pupils’ literacy-related skills and promote phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension and writing. By providing access to a rich classroom library, teachers at SRS promote greater amounts of reading, increased reading frequency and more diverse reading experiences among their students, thus helping them to attain greater levels of reading achievement.

No Homework Policy

At SRS we recognize that students have spent a busy structured day at school, hence need time to relax and unwind at the end of the afternoon and spend time with their families.
This school year (2022-2023), we adopted the Keep Learning Policy because we are fully aware that there are some parents who appreciate the value of homework, whilst there are some that feel there is too much. We have therefore moved away from the traditional notion of homework and introduced a new way of thinking about learning outside structured school time. However, parents who wish their children to have additional work to do at home may contact their child’s/children’s class or subject teacher.
Our strategy at SRS is to promote a Keep Learning approach. Keep Learning is anything that students do outside the normal school day that contributes to their learning in response to guidance from the school. Keep Learning encompasses a whole variety of activities instigated by teachers and parents to support student’s learning. For example, a parent who spends time reading a story with their child is helping their child to keep learning. If a student engages in additional and voluntary independent study based on accessing resources to which they have been signposted by their teacher, they are supporting themselves to keep learning.

Career Advising and Counseling Update

To ensure Grade 12 students meet the academic requirements for graduation, Academic Counselors recently held individual sessions with students to educate them on interpreting their transcripts as well as to identify any discrepancies. Data collected during these sessions allowed the Administration Team to determine courses needed in Semester 2 and start building timetables. Transcripts in Grades 10 and 11 will soon undergo a similar systematic review.

Counselors continue to advise students on courses, descriptions and credit requirements. Additionally, they are working in tandem with the Data Team to populate transcripts of new and transfer students.

Reminder: Semester 1 Benchmark Exams

This week, Semester 1 benchmark exams are being administered on the following days. Attendance on these days is compulsory.

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday December 5th, 6th, 8th.

The Benchmark exam schedule was sent to parents and students last week. If you have any questions regarding the Benchmark exam schedule, please call the school.
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