Welcome from the Principal

Dear Parents,

I hope you have all had a wonderful start to the new year. It has certainly been a busy but pleasing start at SRS after the winter break. This is the time when we expect learning and progress to accelerate after all the foundational work in the first term.

We continue to embed successes achieved in the first term by ensuring that students are focused on learning as soon as they enter any classroom. That said, it is essential that students go to all their lessons on time, including lesson one first thing in the morning. Your continued support in ensuring this happens is greatly appreciated. We are determined to give our students a high-quality learning experience every day and in every lesson.

There have been further interesting events and developments since the start of this term, which are highlighted in the sections below by our leaders in primary and secondary. They serve to show our aim of creating a vibrant school community where building character and creativity sits comfortably alongside our passion for establishing academic excellence. I hope you enjoy reading about these events and take advantage of the invitation we will be sending you to come and discuss the academic progress of your child with their teachers.

As the holy month of Ramadan is starting next week, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our parents and students a spiritually rewarding and peaceful month, full of blessings and quality family time.

Dr. Nasim Butt
RSI Director/Principal

SRS Sports News – Term 2

SRS Sport continued their successful start to the academic year into Term 2. A new and wider range of sports offerings allowed many students the opportunities to try new sporting activities and gain a taste of competitive school sport.

In the primary section of the school, the SRS Swim Squad experienced their first home gala, an exciting learning opportunity for all to compete against other schools in a competitive environment, building confidence, technique and speed! Out of the pool SRS were very proud to host the Y3-6 athletics competition with over 60 pupils taking part in very competitive running, jumping and throwing events!

Primary pupils have also been involved in high caliber gymnastics sessions and have started forming school basketball teams ready for term 3.

The secondary school experienced their first taste of silverware for the year! The school football season ended with the Year 8 and Year 9 football team reaching the Dubai School Cup 11-a-Side Finals* (update), a tremendous achievement for the teams and their respective coaches in their first year of school football. The Year 7 and Year 11 football team also experienced silverware by coming both 3rd and 1st in the Dubai School Games 7-a-side final.

SRS sport has also served its way into the Volleyball leagues this term, fielding 4 girls teams and 1 boys team, delivering impressive results as well as competiting in the Dubai Schools Athletics Championships at Sport City for the first time!

As we head into Term 3 the SRS PE and Sport Team will be enthusiastically building junior and senior basketball teams alongside a badminton squad!

Arabic and Islamic Studies News: أخبار القسم العربي وفعالياته

أولمياد الإملاء

شارك طلبة الصف الثاني الابتدائي في مسابقة أولمبياد الإملاء والتي عقدت في الفترة الواقعة بين تاريخ 8.01.2024 حتى 29.01.2024 وهي مسابقة تهدف إلى ترسيخ جميع المهارات الإملائية التي تعلمها الطالب بالإضافة إلى الارتقاء بمستوى الطالب في مهارة الإملاء. خاض خلالها الطلبة ثلاث تصفيات لاختيار المراكز الأولى على مستوى المرحلة وفي نهاية المسابقة تم تكريم جميع الطلبة المشاركين والفائزين والأوائل بحضور أولياء أمورهم.

رواد المعرفة.

انطلقت في التاسع عشر من شهر فبراير مسابقة رواد المعرفة لجميع طلبة الصف الأول الابتدائي وهي مسابقة تهدف إلى ترسيخ جميع المعارف والمهارات التي تعلّمها الطّالب في اللغة العربية والتربية الإسلامية بالإضافة إلى الارتقاء بمستوى الطّالب الأكاديميّ وفي نهاية المسابقة سيتم الإعلان عن الطلبة الأوائل وتكريمهم مع الطلبة المشاركين والفائزين.

هكذا علمني رسولي أن آكل

انطلاقًا من حرصنا على تفعيل الدروس العملية في مادة التربية الإسلامية تم الإعلان عن تنظيم قسم التربية الإسلامية نشاطًا بعنوان: هكذا علمني رسولي أن آكل وذلك يوم الأربعاء الموافق 21.02.2024 في المدرسة الابتدائية. تتضمن هذه الفعالية تطبيقًا عمليًا لما تعلمه الطلبة في درس آداب الطعام مع ربط كل أدب من هذه الآداب بحديث الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم أو فعله.

الخطيب المفوّه

أقام القسم العربي نهائي مسابقة الخطيب المفوّه في شهر يناير، حيث وصل إلى التّصفية النّهائيّة مجموعة من الطّلبة ممّن قدّم أفضل إلقاء خطابيّ وفق المعايير المعتمدة للخطابة وهي: اللغة السّليمة، التّأثير في المستمع، التّواصل البصري وحركات الجسد، التّلوين الصّوتي، درجة الاعتماد على الورقة، وتمّ دعوة أولياء أمور الطّلبة الفائزين والمشاركين، وتنافس الطّلبة أمام الجميع في قاعة الفنون، واستطاعت لجنة التّحكيم بصعوبة تحديد المراكز الأوّل والثّاني والثّالث بعد منافسة قويّة وأداء متميّز من خطباء المستقبل.

دوري كرة القدم

بدأ القسم العربي في المدرسة الابتدائيّة العليا دوري في كرة القدم بين صفوف الخامس والسّادس أولاد، حيث تتنافس الصّفوف في الاستراحة الأولى في أجواء حماسيّة بوجود المعلّمين وإدارة المدرسة، وكان هذا النّشاط لتنشيط الطّلبة وحثّهم على إنجاز المهمّات المطلوبة منهم في المواد الدّراسيّة، حيث يرشّح المعلّمون للمشاركة في الفرق الطّلبة الذين أنجزوا جميع مهامّهم بكفاءة عالية.

استقبال الطّلبة صباحًا

بدأ القسم العربي فعاليات استقبال الطّلبة صباحًا عند بوّابة المدرسة الابتدائيّة العليا، حيث نستقبل الطّلبة يوميًّا بألعاب صباحيّة حماسيّة، ونوزّع جوائز تربويّة لمن يفوز في المنافسات، ويهدف هذا النّشاط إلى حث الطّلبة على الحضور باكرًا إلى المدرسة، وكذلك الدّخول إلى الحصّة الأولى بهمّة ونشاط بعد أن يبدأ يومه بمتعة يحبّها.

Primary School News​

Maths Champions League

During January and February the students at SRS have been competing against each other to find our Maths Champions. After weeks of quizzes and putting the students through their paces the winners were awarded their certificates after a thrilling final!

BSME Art Competition

Our Annual SRS- BSME international Art competition took place in February under the theme ‘Artificial Intelligence’. All pupils in Year 5 and 6 were given 2 hours to produce an original piece of work of their interpretation of the theme. The students produced some wonderfully creative work and the top creations will go through to the finals to compete against many schools in the Middle East.

The Tiger who came to Tea!

Inspired by the classic book ‘The Tiger who cam to Tea’ FS1 hosted their very own Tea Parties and invited the parents to attend. Everyone had great fun sharing healthy food and interesting conversation and there were even a few furry tigers who participated!

UK Secondary School News

January Exams finished 

In January, some SRS students completed their first round of external examinations. The teachers and leaders worked closely with the students to ensure they were well equipped to study and do well in their GCSE and A-Level exams. The next exam period will be in May.

Art competition  

Students from years 7 to 13 entered the BSME Art Competition in February. The event was spectacular and seats in the Art gallery were so high in demand that we had to add an extra day so that everybody who wishes to enter had the chance. The students were given two hours to create a design based around artificial intelligence.

AUS and CUD university trips for KS5   

Students in years 12 and 13 have been given the opportunity to partake in workshops at local universities. Students could take tours of the universities, speak to lecturers and students around campus and participate in taster courses of their choosing. This is following from our university fair held in school prior to these visits where students from year 11 onwards could gather information and speak to representatives from different universities.

Award Assemblies

Award assemblies have been taking place this month, it has been excellent to recognise our fantastic students and their positive attributes.

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