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Update from the Principal

Welcome to our new weekly newsletter!

Our intention is for this to be a regular form of communication with all our parents, in both the British and American schools. The Heads of each school will make a contribution, sharing with you information about key events and highlights of the week. We really do value stronger engagement with our parents and want to ensure you are kept well informed about the taught curriculum, assessments and wider student learning experiences. We are also about to launch a new platform in the British secondary school that will enable our parents to communicate directly with any subject teacher in a secure system, similar in that respect to Dojo in primary, but taking account of the different context of a secondary school.

Dr. Nasim

Whole School News

High Performance Learning – Spotlight – Strategy Planning

The Students at SRS have had a strong focus on strategy planning, a key ACP, over the past week as they look to identify, discuss and choose a correct approach to solving issues independently around sustainability using their Entrepreneurship Education sessions with 8billionideas.

For more information about HPL please visit our website;
High Performance Learning at SRS

Flag Day 2022

Thursday 3rd November saw the whole school come together to celebrate the unity of a nation during Flag Day 2022. Live assemblies and flag ceremonies were held on both campuses.

Important Dates​

14th November

Learning Cycle 2 begins in the UK School

29th November

UAE National Day Celebrations in school

30th November

The Parents’ Consultation Day from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

9th December

Final day of Term 1

Arabic and Islamic Studies News: ​ أخبار وفعاليات القسم العربي

سَيّرنا قافلةً من النورِ، وحَمَلْنا مشاعلَ العلماء، في "مسابقة الطالب المثقف"، لقراءة ثلاثين كتابًا، وتلخيصها، من الصف الأوّل حتى الثاني عشر. 
دعمنا القراءة الحرّة، وأشعلنا سراج المعرفة في ثلاثة آلاف ومئتين وتسعة وسبعين طالبًا وطالبة (3279)، فالتحقوا بركب الثقافة والمثقفين، عَبر "الاشتراك ببرنامج مقروء". 
انطلقنا في كوكبة من الصفوف (السابع حتى العاشر)، في تنافس شديد، نجول في علوم اللغة والدين، ننهل من علماء العصور، وأمثال العرب، وأمّهات المراجع، في مسابقة "دوري الأبطال". 
أقمْنا دورةً تدريبيّة لجميع المعلمين، في "تَعَلّم الأداء الرَّفِيع" (HPL).  
أقمْنا معرض الوفاء والعرفان لسيد الأنبياء محمد -عليه السلام- عنوانه "على خُطى الحبيب" في المرحلة التأسيسيّة والعُليا، و" أسبوع أحبك يا رسول الله" لجميع طلبتنا. 
أَصْغت القلوب، وتشنّفَت الآذان، لتلاوة الآيات البيّنات، في نشاط "مسابقة أجمل ترتيل" شارك فيه جميع طلبة المدرسة، وقمنا بإجراء التصفيات على المراكز الأولى. 
ازدَحَمت أقلامُ طلبتنا ببابِ النصوصِ العربية؛ فهمًا لغاياتها، وسَبْرًا لمعانيها، وتوظيفًا لمفرداتِها وقواعدِها، فأقمْنا تدريباتٍ مكثفةً على الاختبار الدوليّ (IBT) من الصف الخامس حتى العاشر. 
ثَوَّرْنا معارفَ طلبتنا لاستخراجِ المكنونِ المعرفيِّ لديهم؛ فأقمنا أسبوعَ الحوار والمحادثة، ناقش فيه المشاركون (الصفوف من الرابع حتى الثاني عشر) قضايا أدبية وتاريخية ومعرفية علمية، ساهمت في تقوية شخصيّتهم اللغوية. 
أجرينا تقويمًا شاملًا لمهارات القراءة الجهرية والفهم والاستيعاب في القسم العربي، وكذلك أجرينا تقويمًا شاملًا للمهارات الأساسيّة في العقيدةِ والسنّةِ والفِقْه، من الصفوف الأول الابتدائيّ حتّى الصفّ العاشر. 
درَّبنا جميع طلبة الصفوف الثاني حتى الرابع على "مهارة الوضوء الصحيح"، وكذلك جميعَ طلبة الصفوفِ الخامس حتى الثاني عشر على "إتقان الوضوء"، و"حُسنِ إقامة الصلاة". 
أحيينا سنّة "صلاة الكسوف" فأدّاها جميعُ طلبتنا، في مسجد المدرسة، واستمعوا لخطبة الصلاة، وذلك بمشاركةِ معلِّميهم، وإدارةِ المدرسة. 
أقمنا مجموعة من "المخيمات الكشفية" لطلبة الصفوف الخامس حتى العاشر. 

Primary School News​


We love to read in the Primary building! FS1 – Y2 are working hard to read and upload their work on to our new ‘Boom Reader’ app and Y3 and 4 are enjoying reading and quizzing through our ‘Accelerated Reader’ app. Please use your logins at home to continue reading, the more the merrier!


We are excited to launch our Maths – No Problem! Foundations scheme for FS2. Years 1 – 6 have been using Maths – No Problem! For several years and have seen the positive impact that this Singapore approach has on children’s learning. FS2 teachers will now be incorporating this new teaching scheme into their lessons.


This week we welcomed 8billionideas to SRS Primary as we held drop down days in Years 1-4 for Entrepreneurship Education sessions. The students discussed how to solve problems around sustainability then created prototypes and presented these to each other.

Young Leaders

Congratulations to all our new leaders across the Primary building, we are looking forward to them developing their leadership skills across the year!

FS Art Exhibition

Thank you to everyone who came to visit the beautiful Art Exhibition hosted by our FS students. Some incredible artistic skills, all based on the text ‘The Dot’ were on show. Please do watch the video below to see more!

FS Art Exhibition

Junior School News

The Junior School also benefitted from a visit from the 8billionideas team. The pupils learnt what it means to be an entrepreneur and act upon their ideas. Like the award-winning company, we believe that every one of our pupils has the power to change the world for the good. By teaching them the skills and knowledge to help them come up with innovative solutions to global issues will prepare them well for an exciting future.
We are very proud of our 30×30 World Cup football team of Year 6 boys who are representing Serbia in an interschool competition taking place at Kite Beach during the Dubai Fitness Challenge. We are looking forward to progressing to the quarter finals if we keep up our winning ways!
Junior Students have loved our serene new library as a place of solace where they can get lost in a book and let their imagination run wild!

UK Secondary School News

This week saw 8Billion ideas work with KS4 and KS5 students. Not only was it fantastic to see students collaborating and working together to solve problems to real-world problems but it is occasions develop such as this that really allow our students to develop their leadership, perseverance and resilience skills. All students did SRS exceptionally proud.


The past two weeks have also seen our Year 12 students apply for senior roles in the school such as Head Boy and Girl. Applicants have already completed Stage 1, a presentation to the Head of Secondary and Head of Sixth Form on their plans for the role. Shortlisted students will then attend Stage 2, a presentation to Dr. Nasim and Ms. Michelle on High Performance Learning followed by a series of challenging questions.

US High School News

Dear SRS Parents,

This week has been very productive! Expectations are high to ensure that every student is successful. We are in full swing in all classes, with daily routines, benchmark assessments, and rigorous student-led activities and lessons, which will turn into major projects. Every student has been given their curricular materials. It has also been good to see teachers and students getting into a routine of active instruction and peer collaboration in relevant lessons focused on real-world issues.

Thank you for allowing us to partner in your child’s education and for all your support!

Heath Bailey
US High School Principal


Please be reminded that attendance at school is essential for student learning. Students are encouraged to attend class on time each day, with the first session beginning at 7:25am.

Parents' Consultation Day

Parents Consultation Day will be held in-person on Wednesday, 30th November from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Parents can sign-up for an allotted time to meet with their child's teachers beginning the week of November 21st. Sign-up will be conducted through School Cloud.

Fire Drill

On Friday, November 11th, students throughout the whole school completed an emergency evacuation drill. Procedures included ensuring that students exited classrooms and the building in a quick, but safe and orderly manner. Students gathered at their designated Assembly Point and listened for teacher instructions to return to class. The staff utilized a flag system to indicate when it was clear to re-enter the building.

The Administration Team has plans to carry out at least two additional emergency evacuation procedures during the Academic Year to improve upon processes and guarantee student safety and wellbeing.

National Day Activities

On November 29th, SRS will commemorate UAE National Day. To honor the anniversary of the Nation’s founding, students will engage in patriotic activities and are allowed to wear traditional Emirati dress to school. Formal lessons will not take place during this day of celebration.


We are excited about the implementation of STEER, a student well-being tracker. STEER will empower SRS teachers to measure, track and improve the self-regulation and wellbeing of all students.

Assessment and Grading

Next week, students in grades 9-11 who missed their original test date(s) for the MAP administration will participate in makeups. It is imperative that all students in those grade levels attend school to ensure they can make up any test they may have missed.

Monday- MAP Language Usage Makeups

Tuesday- MAP Science Makeups

Wednesday- MAP Reading Makeups

Thursday- MAP Math Makeups

Friday- Any Remaining Makeups

RSI Global Art Competition

The arts give our students an opportunity to showcase their artistic abilities and recently during our annual RSI art competition, students let their talent do the talking. We would like to thank our very own Art teacher Ms. Carol Dayoub for organizing and executing this amazing event.
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