The alumni of the School of Research Science (SRS) are part of a vibrant global community. Our alumni embody the shared values of teamwork, global interconnection, mutual support, and friendship are shared principles among our alumni that have served as the foundation of strong connections that extend university life into professional worlds, generating meaningful and lasting connections.

Our graduates, who represent the School of Research Science (SRS) in real life, are something we are quite proud of. Our alumni are more than simply our past students; they are enduring members of the SRS community who consistently uphold our tradition of excellence.

There is a lasting relationship between SRS and its alumni. We urge our alumni to stay involved with the institution by serving as mentors, advisors, and sources of inspiration for current students. We create an environment where people encourage and recognize one another’s accomplishments through events, newsletters, and our alumni network.

Our present students are greatly inspired by the success stories of our alumni, who illustrate the heights to which an SRS education may lead. We look to our alumni to help us shape education and society as we continue to develop the next generation of high achievers.

The SRS alumni network  transcends time and borders. Together, they continue to make a difference, upholding the values and standards that make SRS one of the best international schools in Dubai.

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