The School of Research Science Achieves Top Rank in Global ABT Examinations

We are happy to share some incredible news that has our hearts swelling with pride: The School of Research Science has not only topped the global ABT tests in Islamic studies and Arabic for both native and non-native speakers but also brought home the prestigious BSO Gold Award this academic year!

Imagine the excitement—the auditorium buzzing with anticipation as the announcement echoed, declaring our school the first among 866 participating institutions worldwide. With over 700,000 students involved, our victory is not just a win; it’s a monumental achievement that speaks volumes about our dedicated teachers and the hard work of our eager students. This recognition proves that passion and perseverance can indeed translate into exceptional outcomes.

But that’s not all. In a moment equally proud, our school was recognized as one of only three schools globally to receive the BSO Gold Award for excellence within British Curriculum Schools in the MENA region. This accolade is a testament to our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards in education and our holistic approach that nurtures not just academic excellence but well-rounded individuals.

Behind these awards are the stories of our students—who embark on journeys of discovery every day in their classrooms, the late nights spent by our teachers preparing lessons, and the supportive parents who believe in our vision. It’s the spirit of our school community that has brought these accolades home.

As we celebrate these achievements, let us also look forward with enthusiasm to the paths these successes will pave. Here at The School of Research Science, we are more motivated than ever to continue fostering a nurturing environment that not only prepares our students for global challenges but also inspires them to be leaders and changemakers.

Together, we are not just a school; we are a family that celebrates every victory, big and small, knowing that each step forward is a step toward making a difference in the world. Let’s continue to dream big and achieve bigger. Here’s to a future filled with more such moments of pride and celebration!

Join us in applauding the achievements of our community—where every day, we’re making learning an adventure and proving that together, we can reach for the stars.

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